Logo and illustrations for a geeky, fun and magical Kickstarter campaign. I was commissioned to create an original book cover and logo design, a bespoke font and hand drawn illustrations for a Kickstarter campaign video. The project aimed to open a magical pub called ‘The Cauldron – Wizarding Pub & Inn’  in London*. It would be part of a start-up Company named ‘The Magic of Things’; founded by entrepreneur Matthew Cortland, a literature and technology fanatic.

February – March 2017

Book Cover Design for the Kickstarter Video Prop

Initial Drawing and Line Work in Photoshop

Hand Drawn Logo and Lettering

Initial Logo Ideation Sketches

Illustrations to represent different sections of the book.

Illustrations that would be animated in the video.

Drawings of frames to contain moving photographs.


It was required that I produced work with a distinctly handmade, quirky and whimsical aesthetic. Hence, the design work was heavily based on hand drawn sketches. To begin, I researched various visual influences online. For example, Victorian interior design and antique book cover designs. I sketched various ideas on paper, selected the ones that produced the most promising results and then further refined them in Photoshop. I made use of a Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet with a number of Kyle Webster Photoshop brushes in order to add natural-looking splashes of colour to the end products.

End Result

The book cover, logo design, hand drawn font and illustrations were printed and made into a book which was used as a physical prop for the Kickstarter Campaign video. The logo and illustrations were also used for online marketing material.

(* The pub was later renamed to ‘The Cauldron – Magical Pub and Inn’. See videos by Matthew Cortland below to find out more about his project).
Discover more about what Matt is up to at The Cauldron Website

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