The Brief
Create an 8-page, roll-fold brochure for all 15 country brands of Maternia (for example that will be included in customers' online orders. The brochure is intended to mark the start of the sunglasses season, introduce the different categories of sunglasses on offer, showcase the bestsellers and explain why customers should buy from Lentiamo etc. In addition, create a poster for that will be displayed in the subways of Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Idea
I wanted to create a design which would match the colours of the sunglasses drop-down menu of the brands' 'websites, look contemporary and be easy to navigate.  I decided to us the idea of diagonal, slanted triangular shapes. These are intended to be a subtle nod to the straight, diagonal light refections of sunglasses lenses. The careful layout of these shapes also give a sense of dynamic movement and energy to the different pages of the brochure. I used the colour codes of each sunglasses category to aid the customer's understanding of which sunglasses correspond to which section by using the same colour line underneath each listed sunglasses model. The same visual language was also used for the posters in order to keep consistency within the campaign.

March-April 2019

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