The Brief
Design a poster to advertise the Dublin Flea Market.
May-June 2016
The idea for the illustrated poster emerged after a day-long brainstorming session. It was my intention to create a poster that was quirky, eye-catching and engaged the imagination of the viewer. The concept of the poster is ‘get to the Dublin Flea Market by any means’. That is, the market is such a great day out that, if necessary, people will take extreme modes of transport to get there. The surreal idea of casually arriving to the market in a parachute after having just sky-dived from a plane adds a sense of excitement and humour to the event.
The poster was hand drawn using basic pencils and black fine-liner pens. It was then scanned so that it could be digitally coloured using Photoshop and my Wacom drawing tablet. The title of the poster was created using the Photoshop brush tool, whilst the rest of the text was produced using a free online font called Reis.
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