The Brief
Develop a self-initiated UX and UI project from start to finish. Find out what target users need, create wireframes, develop a mini UI design system and produce a high-fidelity prototype.
5 December - Present

Initial Wireframe Sketch

Using Sketch to Create the Wireframe

Low Fidelity Wireframe Created in Sketch

My Approach:
1) Ideation
An idea for a social media website was initiated by my partner. He wondered if a website that enabled people to post their good deeds online would be a valuable social experiment. People could 'show off' how great they are online by sharing how they improved personally or added value to their community or the world in some way. It would be a site for people to motivate each other (via human emotions such as jealousy/envy or admiration) and to make people feel better about themselves.
2) Concept
I decided on the name 'Deed Feed' for the site since it would essentially be a social feed of good deeds. People on the site would be called 'deed feeders' and they would be encouraged to 'feed their deed wishlist'.
3) Wireframe
During a burst of creative energy, and bombarding my partner with some target user questions, I came up with a rough wireframe sketch of the different features and decided their visual hierarchy within a landing page layout. Two days later I created an improved low-fidelity wireframe using Sketch to get a better sense of proportions and composition within a 12 column 8px grid.
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